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Miscellaneous Equipment Rentals

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Electric Concrete Breaker #55
electric concrete breaker.jpg


55 joules of single stroke impact energy

1,300 blows per minute

Simple percussion system maintenance on site with a small grease gun over the central zerk fitting

Shanks for all common tools

Refueling is possible while the unit is in the vertical and horizontal positions.

Rotary Hammer


Power tool that can perform heavy-duty tasks such as drilling and chiseling hard materials.

Similar to a hammer drill in that it also pounds the drill bit in and out while it is spinning.

Rotary hammers use a piston mechanism instead of a special clutch.

Pole Jointer
Pole Jointer.jpg


Heavy gauge steel mounting

Popular for making half-round sunken or half-round rodded joints

Both ends are turned up for use in either direction

Engine Hoist
Engine Hoist.jpg



Engine hoist is a tool that is used for lifting up heavy objects, mostly car parts like engines and transmissions.

Carpet Trimmer


Scaffolding is a temporary structure on the outside of a building, made usually of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workers while building, repairing, or cleaning the building.

Carpet Trimmer.jpg


Carpet trimmers are used to cut around the edges to give the carpet a finished appearance.

Knee Kicker
Knee Kicker.jpg


A carpet knee kicker is used to lay down carpet in both large and small areas


Tile Cutter
Tile Cutter.jpg


Ceramic tile cutters are used to cut tiles to a required size or shape.

Linoleum Roller
Linoleum Roller 35lbs and 100lbs.jpg


Helps evenly distribute and flatten adhesive build-ups. Engineered with segmented rollers to exert even pressure on uneven surfaces.

*Comes in both 35lbs and 100lbs

Dolly one strap appliance
Appliance Dolly.jpg


The Appliance Dolly is the easiest choice when moving refrigerators, washers, stoves and other heavy appliances because it has straps to secure your appliance.  It also makes it easier to take the appliance up and down the stairs.

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