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Landscaping Equipment

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Aerator 3 HP Walk Behind
Walk behind Aerator 3 HP.jpg


Perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. 

-Weight: About 325lbs

-16-18" Roller on Front

-Covers 1/2 acre per hour

Bed Edger
Bed Edger gas powered.jpg


Blade:  Steel / Carbide, Tipped
Cut Depth:  2" to 4" Adjustable from Handle
Foldable Handlebars:  Yes
Weight: 140lbs
ASR carries V & Straight Bit

Pull behind Aerator.png


Pull behind unit for tractor.

-Weighs about 65lbs

-100lbs of blocks on top

-About 40" wide 

Aerator Pull Behind
Landscape Rake
Landscape Rake.png



Comes in both 3' or 4'

Lawn Roller(4' Pull)
Lawn Roller.jpg


Erases damage to your lawn caused by the freeze/thaw cycle. This roller is also great for flattening mole and ant hills as well as smoothing horse arenas.

-400lbs Full

Log Splitter
Log Splitter.jpg


22 Ton (Vertical or Horizontal Log)

2" Ball

Maximum 26" Logs

Rototiller 5HP Mid Tine (3 Hour)
Mid Tine Tiller.jpg



Least expensive tiller option.

Not meant to break new ground.


Sod Cutter 18"
Sod Cutter.png



15.5HP Honda Engine with a cutting width of 18 inches and a working depth of 2.5 inches.

Weighs about 350lbs


Lawn Sweeper
Lawn Sweeper.png


Lawn sweepers will remove small twigs, grass clippings and leaves, but not large items.

2 Man Auger
2 man auger.jpg



Gas Powered Auger with 6", 8", 10," or 12" bit. (1 bit included in rental)

Goes 3ft without extension

Extension also available to an extra 1ft


Rear Tine 6.5 HP Tiller (3 Hour)
Rear Tine Tiller.jpg



Tines are in the back of the unit.

A little heavier, but goes deeper and not as hard on the user!


Stump Grinder
Stump Grinder.jpg



13HP Stump Grinder. Great for smaller stumps. Pine=Soft wood can handle most sizes.


Thatcher (non-bagging)
Thatcher non bagging.png



Weighs about 130lbs

Efficiently removes matted thatch with centrifugal force

7 preset heights help maintain consistent depth when power raking

Foldable handle allows for easy transportation and storage



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