Industrial/Contractor Equipment

Air Compressor


Are capable of delivering 125 PSIG of compressed air intermittently.


Compactor 20"/180lb Plate


20" Plate Compactor- Weighs about 180lbs

Gas Engine



This Generac portable generator is gasoline-powered and is rated for 5,500 watts. It has:
• fuel shutoff
• low-oil shutoff
• 5 power outlets

Metal Detector



Hand-held metal detector that can find property stakes, sprinkler heads, lost keys, and other metal objects underneath the surface.

Pallet Jack



Pallet jacks are mechanical tools used to haul and maneuver items of freight. They are best suited for short distances and usually only elevate a load high enough for unobstructed travel. They are often used in conjunction with a pallet or skid, but many types of loads can be supported by the jack's forks.

Pressure Washer 2600
Chain Hoist 2 ton


This hoist lifts loads up to 10 feet high. The 4000 lbs. capacity chain hoist is equipped with a mechanical load brake to give operator more control when lifting or spotting.

Dry Wall Lift (standard) 10'

Basic Operation:


Many single-person operators feel comfortable utilizing the lift.

For reasons of production though, especially at greater working elevations; having one lift operator to load and position the wallboard while another secures by fastening from above, is optimal.

But lower ceilings, might make it feasible for both hangers to load the sheets thus sharing in the dint of workload.

Ladder Extension


Available in both 24' & 28' extensions


Nailer- Roofer (Air Powered)


  • Nosepiece features carbide inserts for long-life performance

  • Patented, single-action, side-load canister for fast, one-step nail loading

  • Quick-set adjustable depth guide sets nails to desired depth quickly and conveniently

Electric Stapler


  •  Heavy-duty electric staple gun ideal for a wide variety of projects

  • Features a contoured grip for user comfort

  • Anti-jam mechanism offers reliable performance, saving time on the job

  • Flush nose great for stapling in tight spots, and features a nose safety for safe operation 

Air Hose 1/2" 50'

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